Workshop Objectives

Software is increasingly being deployed in an untrusted, interconnected world that includes consumer appliances, mobile devices, the Internet of Things, and cloud and web services, where traditional information security has proven inadequate. The goal of the Continuously Upgradeable Software Security and Protection workshop is the exchange of ideas for continuously upgradable security in a networked setting with vulnerable end-points—the so-called 'remote man-at-the-end attack scenario’.

The workshop on Continuously Upgradeable Software Security and Protection will be held on November 7, 2014 and co-located with 2014 ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2014) in Phoenix, Arizona. Please see the CCS 2014 web page for more information.

Keynote speakers

amit     3060
Amit Sahai (UCLA)     Moti Yung (Google)

Workshop Description

The importance of continuously upgradeable software security and protection is greater than ever because software is increasingly being deployed in untrusted interconnected world, from consumer devices to home networks, to the public Internet, to the cloud and web services, and to the Internet of Things, where traditional information security is inadequate. Companies rely on security technologies to protect their business model and assets, while users expect their assets and privacy to remain protected. In such a rapidly changing world where application software creates, stores, consumes, and distributes information, we cannot expect any fixed protection methodology to provide ongoing security. Hence there is a critical need for techniques that protect digital information from persistent adversaries by continuously upgrading the protections in its associated software.

The workshop will bring together researchers from theoretical, applied, software, and hardware backgrounds together, with the goal of developing ideas that will lead to effective protection against persistent adversaries who are attempting to compromise or steal digital assets. The diverse group of attendees will assess the current state of technology in this interdisciplinary field, set the research agenda for future work, and recommend approaches to educating engineers and scientists.

Workshop Output

To facilitate the free and unconstrained exchange of ideas, there will be no published proceedings. The outcome of the workshop will be a summary to help the Army Research Office and other federal funding agencies to set up new research programs in this space.